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Britney Spears announces new album

It’s certainly been a while since the queen of pop has reined supreme in the pop charts but now that ‘Make Me (Ooh) has FINALLY dropped and just when we thought Brit Brit didn’t actually know when her album would be released – BOOM, girl hit us hard with the announcement of ‘Glory’

It seems that this year has been the year of the surprise album drop and Britney is following in BeyoncĂ© and Rihanna’s footsteps with the impending release of her ninth studio collection ‘Glory’ which is set to be released August 26 – Yes, in three weeks! And you can pre-order it right now, and instantly get ‘Private Show’ which features on the ad for her latest fragrance of the same name

Now whilst the world picks them self off the floor, and by world I mean the loyal fans she still has, I have to draw attention to her AWFUL album cover and let’s face it – it is awful, it looks like a junior school kid has mocked it up on paint, and considering this has become her signature album cover with her last two albums you’d think her team would do something more with her. It’s as if they are solely relying on her name and reputation to sell this record and ‘Make Me (Ooh) which has had next to no promo whatsoever.

Anyway, here’s to hoping that ‘Glory’ does better than the floptastic ‘Britney Jean’ which can’t be hard, can it?

You can pre-order ‘Glory’ here.

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