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Katy Perry unveils music video for ‘Rise’

What’s a girl to do when her boyfriends peen is all over the internet? try to steal the limelight back of course.

Fresh off the back of those Orlando Bloom not in full bloom (not that we’re complaining, he has a lot to work with) photo’s, Katy Perry has made an attempt to steal the limelight back with the release of the music video to her latest single ironically named ‘Rise’.

The video, directed by Paul Gore, premiered on Thursday during NBC’s Rio Olympics Preview Special. The song also serves as the soundtrack for the Olympics coverage on the network.

Whilst we’re fully aware that the release of the video was perfectly timed for the Olympics opening day, the photo scandal gave this a whole new lease of publicity!

Check out the video below:

You can buy or stream ‘Rise’ here.

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