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Britney FINALLY releases ‘Make Me…’ video and it’s not what we expected

Admittedly it’s been a while since Britney returned with ‘Make Me..’ and one would assume the video would have followed shortly after, no? Well after what seems like a life time, the video is here…

Wait, what? After the diabolical album art there is ANOTHER set back in Brit Brit’s return to music?

Well yes actually, and it’s quite a big one. Since the rumblings of ‘Make Me…’ began, there had been various stills from the video circulating and they were quite racy to say the least – But its Britney, she’s sexy and she can more or less do what she wants right?

Well no she can’t it seems. When the actual video dropped yesterday (August 5) we all had many questions “Where are the half naked dancers?”

“Where are these scenes?”

“Where’s the scene where Britney destroys all of the current wannabe ‘pop divas’ with a simple whip of her hair?” OK- That was never in any video, but then again, how the hell would we know?

Now whilst we’re not complaining about the man candy in this revised video, it’s just we know Britney deserves better. We’re hoping that this is just the clean video and that there is an explicit video on the way. But considering how this era is being handled so far, I wouldn’t bet on it.

You can see the clearly reshot video for ‘Make Me…’ below.

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