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Lea Michele’s back and slaying

It’s been just over a month since Lea Michele returned music, and it looks as if she’s about to set the charts alight with her sophomore album Places

The former Glee, soon to be cancelled Scream Queens star released the stunning ‘Love is Alive’ as the first single to be lifted off her second album back in March, and has since offered us a taster of what to expect with hype singles ‘Anything’s Possible’ and my glorious new shower jam ‘Run To You’.

The new record is due for release April 28, and Michele says that the process of creating Places was “so much more personal than the last one,” and that she kept her inner circle small. She holed up in Harmony Studios in West Hollywood with Amanda Berman-Hill, her A&R rep at Sony, and Alexandra Tamposi, a songwriter who worked on debut Louder. “I didn’t sing with anyone other than those two girls, which created a consistency,” Lea explained.

Talking about the general direction of Places, Lea said “We have two songs that veer a little bit more in the pop direction, but for the most part, I sat back and listened to all of the songs that I grew up listening to, and most of them were Celine Dion, four-minute-long vocal Olympics,” she says. “This is a vocal album, and there are definitely love songs in there, but there’s also a sense of freedom. I went back and listened to all of the divas that I loved, and tried to find how that music resonates for me, in 2017.”

Let’s be honest, Lea’s real talent shines in true vocal performances, big ballads that she’s known for slaying the hell out of them. Lea is heading to London’s Shoreditch Town Hall on Friday for an intimate sold out gig where she’ll perform tracks from the new record as well as a few of her classics.

Pre-order Places here.

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